LX HD longer/taller pole

LX HD longer/taller pole

Postby Malvineous » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:12 am

Hi all,

I have bought a second LX HD Sit/Stand desk mount with the idea being to put the second arm onto the existing desk-mounted pole. This all works fine having two arms on the same pole, except that because one of the screens is 40", the second one can't be raised high enough to sit above it.

The solution appears to be to replace the desk-mounted pole with a longer pole, so that the second arm can be mounted higher up the pole.

Is there anything to be aware of when replacing the pole on this mount, and what should I be looking for? It looks like it is a 39.7mm outer-diameter pole (40mm?) with 2.54mm thickness. I'm guessing it's steel. Would any steel 40mm OD, 2.5mm thick pole work as a substitute?

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