WorkFit-S with Worksurface+ - Keyboard height too low

WorkFit-S with Worksurface+ - Keyboard height too low

Postby mrtall » Sun Aug 07, 2016 9:41 am


I have been using my WorkFit-S, Single LCD with Worksurface+ for the past few months and finding that the keyboard tray is too low when I am standing.

- I am 6' 4" tall and also purchased the Tall-User Kit for Single Display.

There is no problem with the monitor height in either the stand-up or sitting mode.

For the keyboard to be at a perfect height for me (90 degrees at elbow) the keyboard needs to be at the same height as the worksurface. The worksurface is about 7 inches taller than the keyboard tray.

Is there a way to raise the height of the keyboard tray? I have looked and does not appear so.

I know I can raise the height of my work desk but that would be 7 inches. Current desk height is 28.25 inches

See pics for more details.

Thank you
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