LX how many extension arms?

LX how many extension arms?

Postby bnz » Mon May 09, 2016 1:18 am


I am curious, how can I figure out how many extensions my LX arm would carry? For example, I currently have a TV mounted which weighs according to the Amazon specs 6kg / 13,2 pounds. The LX arm is wall mounted into a concrete wall (should be very stable) and it already has two extension arms. I'd really like to use another extension arm, but I'm a little skeptical whether the weight on the mount will become too high. My guess not knowing too much about physics is that the the weight increases in a non-linear fashion on the mount with each extension arm. Is there either any one with some experience here whether this should work or even better someone who is able to tell by calculation?

Thanks a lot
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Re: LX how many extension arms?

Postby ErgoMichelle » Wed May 25, 2016 11:48 am

Hi Ben, you are adventuring outside the specs, kind of like thinking outside the box I believe. ;-) We recommend only one extension with the LX configuration. We did develop the sit-stand wall mount (extends LCD up to 84 cm33" vs a64 cm on the standard LX wall mount arm) for those that want more up-down movement. Maybe this might be a better solution down the road for more extension with more certainty.

Let's see if anyone chimes in on the calculation angle. I'll still check on that out of curiosity myself. The main idea is to protect you and your investment, both equipment and infrastructure.
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