Wake on lan not playing!!

Wake on lan not playing!!

Postby pipster » Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:35 am

Hi All

im the man in our I.T dept that builds the Ergotron carts that we periodically buy

currently building 25 SV44 's

All pcs that are being installed are HP8200 USD's . Vast majority of these are working fine when you programme the 'RO' when connected to the onboard network card -but with on around 5 or 6 nothing happens. The USB panel that sits under the pc has power running to it and when you press the RO buttton the LED lights up - but nothing happens with reagards programming the wake on lan

any ideas - all PCS are idential as they have same image installed.

needs help fast - Carts need to go out on site this week and cant really install a cart that wont switch on!! :oops:


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Re: Wake on lan not playing!!

Postby dcjohnson » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:48 am

Our newest StyleView carts do not support RO. Is it possible you have a cart that came with the security cable; which no longer support RO?

If these are the same as the other carts give Tech Support a call @ 800-888-8458. I will email you separately too.
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