Maximum up and down positions?

Maximum up and down positions?

Postby rfsmith » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:25 am

I've had a Workfit-S dual monitor setup for about a year now, and I've been mostly happy with it. I was not pleased, however, that the keyboard tray did not rise high enough for comfortable use (I'm only 5'10"). You can see form the pictures I use a box to raise the height for use, which has worked mostly fine so far. The monitors are just about high enough, but not quite. So, today I went to look at the accessories for a solution (e.g., the adapter for tall people, which I am not). Looking at the dimensions again, I think I realized that my station is not moving through it's supposed full range of motion. I've attached some cell phone pics to show what I mean (sorry for the poor quality).

You can see from the "down position" that it does not push all the way down and the tray is at most about 1 inch below the desk surface at the point where it doesn't go down any more.

Down position, with tray not 4 inches below desk height

Additionally, I propped up a piece of 11X8.5 inch paper to show that the tray is only about 10 inches above the desk (and the about 4 inch box I use to raise the keyboard) in the up position when it won't raise any further.

Up position, with tray not 13.3 inches above desk height

I've looked through the directions several times for any adjustments I may have missed and can't find anything. I feel like it's improper for me to be using the min and max heights when I sit and stand respectively. Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something? Is this the typical range for your set-up? Is there a solution to this that will give me a more suitable range of motion, particularly making the keyboard raise another 4 inches or so for the up position?


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Re: Maximum up and down positions?

Postby rfsmith » Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:54 pm

Well...I hadn't expected such a prompt reply from customer service, but I got one (kudos to Erogotron for good support). And, their suggestion fixed the problem. Here is the email I got:

"...Overtime some of the lifts lose their range of motion and may need to be recalibrated. On the unit that doesn't seem to lower as far, put your hand on top of the front column (the front column slides up and down on the bigger back column) and push down hard with your weight to force the unit to slide down all the way (past the initial stopping point). This realigns the sliders in the unit and re-frees your range of motion on the top and the bottom end. ... This is a normal thing with that unit design so nothing to be alarmed about. It is kind of like a drawer slider - sometimes you need to pull it all the way out and then push it back in to realign them and then the drawer has it's full range of motion again."

And it worked for the upper and lower range of motion. So awesome! Hopefully this helps someone else.


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Re: Maximum up and down positions?

Postby torquewrench » Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:56 am

Thank you for posting this. I had been looking for a solution as to why my monitors/keyboard would not raise to the same level as a coworker's desk in my office. My monitors were just a few inches too low when standing and driving my crazy.
Following the directions you posted fixed my issue.

Thanks again!
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