Will my display work with that?


Postby CubanoConIT » Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:08 am

I'm wondering if my intended setup will work with either of the triple-monitor products (LX or DS).

3 x HP LV2311 (Dimensions - 21.83 x 2 x 13.39 in. unpacked w/o stand) in a side-T configuration. I'd like the the center and left monitors to be horizontal and the right one to be vertical. Looking at the spec sheets for the DS100 and LX, it seems to work but I'd like confirmation from somenoe at Ergotron, especially considering I'm not sure how much horizontal play the attachment points has on the center screen and the total weight of the 3 screens would technically be below the minimum at 20.5 lbs..

Am I better off with the DS because of the weight? Will my intended configuration work?
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Re: LV2311

Postby steveA » Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:05 am

In terms of dimensions, either configuration will work. Because one of your displays will be oriented vertically, there is plenty of room to accommodates your monitors (were you to try mounting your displays all horizontally, they would not fit).

The DS100 Triple will work out of the box. The weight of your three monitors is below the minimum required for the LX Lift Stand, but you can make it work if you add a Quick Release Bracket to each pivot--three of these brackets together would add enough weight to get you to the minimum requirement. The LX would be nice because it will give you a certain amount of adjustability (lift and in-tandem tilt), whereas the DS100's position of screens is fixed.
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