27" Thunderbolt Display and LX Dual Side-by-Side

Will my display work with that?

27" Thunderbolt Display and LX Dual Side-by-Side

Postby Annihilator » Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:44 am

Hi Folks,

Apologies if this has already been asked; I spent a few minutes searching and didn't find any compatibility discussions on these two items.

So, I've already got a LX Dual Side-by-Side mount and I've been looking to purchase two 27" Thunderbolt displays. I reviewed the specs on the mount and this is currently rated for monitors up to 24" and up to 20 lbs, neither of which are "on paper" rated for the Thunderbolt display.

However, often times manufacturers publish "under rated" specifications, so I'm wondering if "unofficially" this mount may work for this application? Or does anyone know if I'm definitely hosed and should either seek out a new mount (I've already got $300+ invested in this one, so would like to reuse if at all possible) or explore some other monitor options?

Thanks in advance!

- Joe
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Re: 27" Thunderbolt Display and LX Dual Side-by-Side

Postby ErgoJustin » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:42 am

Hello Joe,

I apologize for the delayed response. In case you haven't already, you would need to purchase VESA adapters from Apple (Apple Product Number MD179ZM/A). If I were to suggest a probable solution, I would say get an LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm (Part: 45-245-026). The individual arms can handle 25lbs; however, we cannot guarantee that this will work because you would be going over the allowable combined weight capacity of 40 lbs (both arms combined).

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