Easy Alteration of the MX for LED TV

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Easy Alteration of the MX for LED TV

Postby neo52353 » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:14 pm


Earlier I posted that I wanted a Triple monitor mount to handle 30 and above monitors for EYEfinity tech. Well I found my true calling and went another route. I have found a new monitor and well they are so BIG that having three would be insane. Since I already had two MX heavy duty mounts I decided to get gutsy and use a 32 inch LED tv as a monitor. Since the weight levels are the same as my prior Hanns G monitors I figured they would hold. Plus the prices of the tvs are reasonable enough. The process took a while. First I bought vesa mount adapters plates only to realize that the bolt patterns on the TVs were high and made the tvs sit a few millimeters above my desk thus making the monitor mounts obsolete. So I went to home depot and bought a couple sheets of 16g metal and started cutting. If you do this go to a body shop and pay them ten bucks to chop down the metal to the right size. It is extremely difficult to cut. Drilling is easy though. (Make sure you drill holes for the TV vents though so they don't overheat and die)

So It was a bit of a leap. Changing the stress points and attachments no longer being centered I was worried but it worked out beautifully. Now I just got everything done and my office has been a wreck much less the demons of cable management so dont take points off me there lol. Getting a new desk and rewiring soon and everything will be clean and beautiful. Just wanted the public and ERGO to know with about 40 bucks in materials you can mount some seriously large monitors. Here are the pics. Just built a new computer as well and the system is awesome.

Win 7/I7/16g ram/Nvidia 470/ssd128x1/WD1TBx1/kingwin hotswapsx2/with all the bells and whistles.
R.A.T.9 mouse (love it)

Hope you all like. Still have full range and movement. Got to love ERGO!!!!!!!
dual set up from the front
dual set up from the back
mount. sanded in swirls to look better then sheet metal.
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Re: Easy Alteration of the MX for LED TV

Postby neo52353 » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:16 pm

Forgive the finger prints and the messy office. I just finished install an hour prior to pictures being taken. Also

For those interested in samsung tvs the bolts took some trial and error even after research lol. I will spare you the trouble after two hardware store runs.

Samsung leds take

M8x1.25x25 bolts lol. i added a nut and some washers for spacing since i couldn't find shorter bolts and the metal is so thin.
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