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DIY LX extension

Postby Sogree » Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:35 am

Hello Ergotron

I am searching for ways to build a wall mount with a maximum reach of 1.3 meters. I know the following option would void any Ergotron warranty:

For this DIY project I would like to buy the 45-243-026 LX wall mount with the 45-289-026 extension arm.

step 1): I would saw the main arm and the extension arm in half.

step 2): Weld a metal extension bar between both Ergotron aluminum extension arms. The new length of both arms (between the pivot points) would be between 420 or 520mm* (231 mm in the old situation)

step 3): Weld a larger wall plate to the current wall plate.

step 4): Join all the parts

step 5): Bolt the new construction to the wall

step 6): Mount the monitor...... and.... hope for the best????????

Now my question is the following:

Let’s presume the welds and the new extension bar material are strong enough (my expertise :-)), what would be the maximum load that the new construction would be able to carry? (not my expertise ;-))

I do not expect the same maneuverability as an original LX Ergotron. But I do hope that the arms and rotation points don't break and still have some maneuverability.

Maybe you have a formula like “for every extra 10mm extension, the maximum load decreases with.... grams”.

And what happens when you exceed this load? Do the arms break? do the pivotpoints stop pivoting? what is the weakest link in a Ergotron construction?

Thanks in advance!

* This distance depends on the way I would like the maximum extension to be reached. 1) In a straight line (420mm) or 2) zigzag (520mm). I suspect the construction would be stronger and more practical if the arms would 'zig-zag'. But if every mm counts it could be 420mm. (link to a PDF with a ‘zig-zag’ example: )
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Re: DIY LX extension

Postby dcjohnson » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:09 am

Here are some of the Tech Spec's from the web showing the reduction in weight capacity. Also, the weakest link question could vary depending on the use and width of the display. Generally its the wall mount that will fatique over time.
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Re: DIY LX extension

Postby anmol94 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:20 am

I think anything that needs a mounting bracket is old news. A workstation today is something that can fit in the palm of your hand. It's GPS enabled, and has push-to-talk options. It's a barcode scanner and a browser. How about Strategic Systems & Technology Corporation's mc75 unit? It's small, easy to use and durable as anything else in its class. It is allowing professionals from business to education and government to successfully work outdoors without sacrificing connectivity.
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