LX Mount for WorkFit Workstation

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LX Mount for WorkFit Workstation

Postby Ergotron-Enthusiast » Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:57 am

I like the concept of the WorkFit Workstation. What is the difference between it and the StyleView EMR Cart? The problem with my office desk is that it is unwieldy. It does not fit the shape of the room. But there is no way to move it without dismantling the integrated wall shelving holding it up too. I might go so far as to replace it with several Workstations next to each other instead.

I would like an optional bracket for the WorkFit that wraps around the side. It would allow 1 to 2 LX arms to be mounted per side.

As a work surface, the current plastic panel is inadequate. A contoured, gangable MDF surface would fit the bill. From the user's view, the left would be concave, and the right would be convex. Or the surface could be mounted in reverse.

A pull release grip underneath the table, or foot pedal near the base would lock the height in place. This would allow weight to be applied to the writing surface, without the surface shifting down.
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Re: LX Mount for WorkFit Workstation

Postby steveA » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:25 pm

There are several not-so-obvious differences between WorkFit-C and a StyleView EMR. For example, SV EMR includes a hand-break to lock height position, just like you suggest for the WorkFit. SV EMR also includes an internal CPU storage compartment, anti-microbial surfaces for healthcare apps, etc.... It's definitely a premium solution. WorkFit-C has more in common with the Neo-Flex Mobile WorkSpace.

To add accessories (whether from Ergotron or your own) to the WorkFit-C, sometimes a t-slot interface bracket kit (pt # 60-587-207) can be used, which fastens to the rear of the center column. It may require some ingenuity to make the bracket work with non-standard or non-Ergotron accessories but it can be done.

However, there is no bracket specifically for mounting a display arm like the LX. Why? Because an extra arm hanging off the side can make the system top heavy, posing a tip hazard. Remember it's a freestanding cart platform. If a very heavy CPU were attached to the base it could provide the stability necessary, but Ergotron does not recommend this kind of a solution in most circumstances. In situations where an Ergotron sales representative is involved a more customized solution can be developed, but there is nothing off the shelf.

Your ideas are being forwarded to the product manager for future revisions. Thanks for the feedback!
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Re: LX Mount for WorkFit Workstation

Postby mariacoleman » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:44 pm

I think anything that needs a mounting bracket is old news. A workstation today is something that can fit in the palm of your hand. It's GPS enabled, and has push-to-talk options. It's a barcode scanner and a browser. How about Strategic Systems & Technology Corporation's mc75 unit? It's small, easy to use and durable as anything else in its class. It is allowing professionals from business to education and government to successfully work outdoors without sacrificing connectivity.
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